Top Left: Daniel- Cinefinity and Beyond, Meet our Youtube Leader who breaksdown all things geek movie related news on his hit show Geekvibes News.

Top Center: Jonesie- The Watchtower, Meet Our Fearless Reviewer Jonesie in her Watchtower as she breaksdown the weekly cw dctv shows and Gotham.

Top Right: Ang- Writer, Ang is one of our most decorated writers who not only brings us amazing review articles on the dctv shows but also handles interviews as well.

Bottom Left: Brian- Lead Writer, Brian is our Lead writer who not only breaks new stories but is the heart and soul of our writers room.

Bottom Center: Being Graphic- Artist, One of our Lead Artist who can not only wow you on paper but also can on the airwaves with his hit show Geek Theory.

Bottom Right: William Gray- Our Other big time artist who is your favorite actors artist we call him baby bosslogic but look out soon he will show everyone hes not looking for a seat at that table he's already there.

Meet Eric(Right) and Shae(Left) the co host of Hall of Heroes the hit show about all things Geektv, Both of these two amazing talents are very special to the team whether its Shae's high IQ in all things Geek or Erics fun loving ear to the ground news hunting both of them are what makes Hall of Heroes everything it is.