Interview with Michael Rosenbaum

By: Caitlin Elam

If you ask any podcaster what the very best thing about being a podcaster is, you probably will receive many answers to that query. Like snowflakes, no two podcasters are alike. They might be covering the same exact topic and, because humans are multi-faceted in general, you’d be listening to two different shows.

With the influx of “geek” shows (thanks in large part to movies, television, and the like being centered around geek culture) it’s hard to carve out a niche. When Geek Vibes came to me and asked me to be on the show, I was totally pumped. It wasn’t about money or notoriety (though they had built up a decent fanbase the year before I came on board), but more about contributing to a project with a group of amazing guys who have become like family more than just random dudes. I enjoy my job because I get to do something I love with people I love every single day, which many people cannot say.

Prior to interviewing Michael Rosenbaum, the air was electric in our group chat we use to shoot the shit, discuss projects, or talk shop. We were all excited but very nervous. Only two of us, Joel and Dane, were doing the interview but we were all on edge and blowing off steam. Animated gifs flew back and forth, we jokingly threatened to murder Dane and Joel if they screwed this up, and so on and so forth. It wasn’t as if we haven’t had famous people of note on the show before so this kind of joking/anxiety is pretty par for the course, but it was 10-fold today because we were talking to someone that wasn’t just a personality but a podcaster like we are. Michael is a renaissance man: director, writer, actor in voice/film/television, podcaster, musician, comedian, et cetera and we didn’t want to screw it up. What we found out, post interview, is that he’s refreshingly down-to-earth; he has the same exact feelings that we do, not only as a podcaster but also as an artist in general. He’s someone we want to have a beer with at some point if possible and have back on our show, most definitely. This, for me personally, is why I love podcasting the most – you get to meet and talk to people you admire as artists but on a very human and raw level. You get to find out new things about them; especially that they’re not at all different than you or me, for the most part.

He cited when he’s on his show “Inside of You”, that he loves not having to get dressed up or be anyone but himself while he’s on air. “It has become therapy for me…I learn so much about myself,” he said of podcasting and interviewing huge names on his show, which is still “in its infancy”.

Though, it’s not all fun and games and even this seasoned artist gets the heebie-jeebies. “I get nervous [before interviews] because I’ve never felt comfortable around famous people…hanging out with other celebrities has always been really weird to me.”

Despite the initial anxiety, he’s able to overcome the nerves whether in front of a microphone or a camera by putting himself “in the zone”, as it were. “If you’re just true to yourself…you hope people will just visit you and spend an hour with you,” he says of doing a podcast.

And podcasts, as any podcaster will tell you, have some amazing perks: “I’m in my living room, I don’t have to leave the house, I don’t have to put makeup on, I don’t have to shave my head, I just put a microphone there in my underwear…sometimes put pants on and I just go.”

While Michael Rosenbaum loves his life, his career, and all the many different mediums he’s tried, one slight annoyance he cites was never being able to try out for the film version of Lex Luthor. “I can read…just let me try.” We here at Geek Vibes Nation fully endorse this and would go insane with joy if one of the best Lex Luthor’s out there was at least given a shot at the big screen. Take note, Hollywood!

Spoiler alert: Dane and Joel killed it. We knew they would because we know their skill levels are high in this game and this ain’t their first rodeo – but the excitement and pure relief after the interview was palpable. To hear the rest such as his comedy career, his podcast work, his band (and touring news), et cetera, be sure to listen to the rest of the podcast here.

Author’s Note: Michael, Dane and Joel failed to ask you this because they’re assholes…but you’re totally invited to my birthday in Anchorage, Alaska this December. I have a guest room and occasionally moose will wander into my yard and eat my flowers.

Interview with Micheal Rosenbaum