Why Fox Shouldn't Reboot Wolverine

Written by Brian Flinchbaugh

There’s been some debate recently over whether Fox should recast and reboot Wolverine in its X-Men franchise.

The clear answer is no, for three very good reasons.

First, Hugh Jackman is to Wolverine as Robert Downey Jr. is to Tony Stark; he’s the living embodiment of the character.  After nine movies over seventeen years, Jackman has played the hell out of the character.  Even when some of those movies were subpar, he still stood out, making the best of what he had to work with.  No actor will compare in the public’s mind and is destined to be a disappointment.  It would be unfair to expect anyone to fill shoes that simply cannot be filled.

Second, in this year’s Logan, Wolverine got his proper sendoff.  He got the dignified and emotionally impactful death that an iconic character deserves, and to reboot would lessen the value of that death.  Wolverine was the most loved figure from the X-Men franchise, which is why his death carried so much emotional weight.  Let it be.

Third, Fox already has its Wolverine replacement.  Dafne Keen debuted as X-23, Wolverine’s cloned daughter in Logan and shined in the role.  With a little time travel from Cable, debuting in next year’s Deadpool 2, she can be brought into the current universe and satisfy the desire to have the adamantium-clawed hero on screen.  Sticking her in the X-Force movie would be the perfect way to start.

I know Fox is desperate to keep their X-Men franchise going and they probably question how successful they’ll be without their most iconic character.  But they should be able to continue the franchise by handing the reins over to Deadpool.  He is the future, and they should jump on his back and ride him.

And if Fox can’t manage to sustain the franchise on Deadpool’s back, well, I’m sure Marvel would gladly take the movie rights back.

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