Interview with Maggie Geha aka Posion Ivy on Gotham


Maggie Geha (actress from Ted 2, All My Children and, most recently, Gotham as Ivy Pepper/Poison Ivy) graced us with her answers to our many, many questions. We asked her about everything from her source knowledge of Poison Ivy to life off-camera. This fan of red-headed heroines/villains can be found portraying the Vined Vixen herself on Gotham; season 4 kicks off on Fox this fall, Thursday, September 21st, at 8/9pm ET/PT. Do not miss it! 

1. GV:What’s it like going from doing a soap opera to portraying one of the most iconic villains in DC history?

MG:It’s really gratifying to look back at where I’ve come from, where I am now, and where I’m headed. I’m proud to say that hard work does pay off! Playing a character that I’ve always loved and identified with on such a cool show like “Gotham” is pretty spectacular!

2. GV:Did you read comics growing up? If so, were you always a DC fan or do you like Marvel as well?

 MG:I did grow up reading some comics and I never limited myself to exclusively the DC world. I particularly love characters with red hair for obvious reasons. I adored Ivy and Cat Woman (because I’m a cat lady), “Archie comics”‘s Archie, Cheryl Blossom, and Betty (even though she’s blonde- she’s just so nice!), and of course, “Garfield”. I have a big, hefty, red-headed cat that I named “Archie” after the comic book character but I probably should have named him Garfield. He loves to eat just like his mommy.


3. GV:How well did you know the character before you auditioned?

MG:Pretty well. I had read some of the comics, watched the animated cartoons, seen Uma Thurman’s portrayal in “Batman and Robin”, [and] I had dressed up as her for Halloween one year… I was ready!


4. GV:What director would you most want to work with?

MG:Just off the top of my head, it would be incredible to work with Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins! But I’m sure I could compile a very long list.


5. GV:Do you want to see Ivy seduce and poison Harvey Dent like on the animated show?

MG:I think that would be thrilling! Season 3’s Ivy has been somewhat of a transitional Ivy from Claire Foley’s more youthful portrayl in Season’s 1 and 2. She’s a bit of a teenager but I would love to evolve her into the darker more mature Ivy from the comics and seduce and poison any one who messes with Mother Nature!


6. GV:What’s it like playing a character with the mind of a child?

MG:So special and fun. I actually didn’t even know that I’d be doing that when I auditioned. I auditioned, like I just mentioned, as the dark and mature Ivy we know from the comics. The whole storyline of her being suddenly aged and changed provided a lot of freedom for myself and the writers…I love that we played up her naivety after having missed out on all those years of experience and suddenly finding herself in an older body. I don’t think many actors get such unique opportunities like that and so I’m very grateful for it!


7. GV:What does the character Ivy mean to you?

MG:I personally very much identify with her love of nature, her independence, her red hair (of course), and even her child-like quality and goofy side in Season 3.


8. GV:Will Selena and Ivy remain allies?

MG:Anything can happen in “Gotham”, but I imagine that just like any other relationship, they’ll experience some bumps in the road, but I hope they will always have unconditional love between them. For most of Ivy’s life, Selina was her only trusted friend, and Ivy has always had the best of intentions in being a good friend to Selena.


9. GV:Do you have a funny moment you could share from set?

MG:Sometimes I wish the cameras were rolling in between the takes. The entire cast is just collectively a whole bunch of goofballs. We’re all laughing, singing, dancing, and just generally having a blast. I try to share as many of these moments as I can capture on my social media!


10. GV:Has your time on Gotham changed your life in anyway?

MG:Yes! I’ve met some incredible people and learned so much; it’s been an invaluable experience. It also brought me back again, from LA to my home city of New York, and closer to my roots in Vermont which has been nice.


11. GV:What’s your favorite color? And why is it green?

MG:I despise picking favorites! If you held a gun to my head I’d say “yellow”. But then I’d also say “purple” and then you’d probably shoot me…but it’s not green, believe it or not!


12. GV:What’s your favorite activity when you’re not acting?

MG:That changes all the time and again, I could answer this question endlessly, but at this very moment I’m into home decorating since I just moved. I find a lot of value in making your living space into a place that you love and feel comfortable, safe, and happy in.