Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 (Spoilers)


Written by Ang

Only into its second season, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow brings together the best aspects of the CW’s other superhero shows like Arrow or The Flash and melds it with classic elements from time travel shows we all know and love. Although perhaps a big tropey at the beginning, Legends is settling in to take its rightful place in the annals of time travel shows that are well worth watching.

Season 2 manages to completely shift the character dynamic after the loss of not one or two but at least three main characters without losing any of the “team spirit” needed to drive the show forward. Since the end of Season 1, the characters’ mission has changed, but the overall feel of the show remains the same. These are not heroes, they are legends.

Season 2 begins with the introduction of Nate Heywood, a historian who finds evidence that the Legends have become scattered throughout time. With the help of Oliver Queen/Arrow, he manages to track down the Waverider, which was sunk at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

On board they discover Mick Rory/Heatwave held in stasis. After they awaken him, he informs them that the Waverider had followed a time aberration – a changed event that should not exist – to 1942, where the Nazis managed to get hold of a nuclear device and set it off in New York, destroying the entire city.

At the heart of this aberration was Damien Darhk who managed to put nuclear technology in the hands of the Germans. The Legends tracked him down and confronted him. Although Sara Lance/White Canary attempted to kill Damien as revenge for her sister, who Damien murdered in 2016, he managed to escape and launch a nuclear bomb at New York.

In a last-ditch effort to prevent the destruction of New York, Rip Hunter uses the Waverider to intercept the bomb, but not before he temporally scatters the entire team – except Mick who was injured at the time – in order to save their lives. The Waverider survives the attack and is discovered by Nate.

Nate and Mick manage to track down all of the members of the Legends, namely Ray Palmer/Atom, Sara, and Jefferson “Jax” Jackson + Martin Stein/Firestorm, except Rip Hunter, who was not time-scattered like the rest of them. Gideon, the Waverider’s AI, has no recollection of what happened to Rip after the nuclear device detonated.

The Legends, now with Nate in permanent tow, goes back to 1942 in order to finally fix the aberration, but is stopped by the Justice Society of America (JSA). It is then revealed that Damien Darhk has been working alongside a Speedster, namely Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash who, among his many talents, has the ability to time travel.

The JSA takes the Legends into custody believing them to be Nazi spies. Nate gets to meet his grandfather, Henry Heywood/Commander Steel of the JSA, which does not initially go over well. While the JSA let the Legends free, they are forced to return when Nate learns that the entire Justice Society dies on a mission shortly after the Legends leave 1942, a time aberration.

The JSA’s mission was a stop a trade between the Nazi Baron Krieger and Eobard, the latter of whom is seeking an amulet that Krieger was willing to trade for superhuman serum. The Legends team up with the JSA and briefly succeed in capturing the amulet from Eobard, but Ray and JSA member Amaya Jiwe/Vixen are captured. Krieger attempts to force Ray to recreate the serum given to him by Eobard in exchange for Amaya’s life.

The Legends eventually rescue Ray and Amaya, but Nate is injured in the process. This is especially dangerous since he is a hemophiliac – which means his blood does not clot the way it should – and could easily die from injuries that normal people survive. He survives this injury due to Ray’s modified Krieger serum.

While things appear to end there for the JSA-Legends team up, it of course does not go as smoothly as that. As the Legends are beginning to leave, Eobard appears at JSA headquarters to steal the amulet he had originally traded with Krieger. As he leaves, he murders Rex Tyler, leader of the JSA and Amaya’s boyfriend. She comes in to find him dying and stows away on the Waverider thinking the Legends are responsible.

Seeking vengeance for Rex Tyler and seeing the Legends as the cause of his death, she begins to attack the team. Nate, fully recovered and now possessing the superhuman ability to turn his body into steel, halts her progress. Sara manages to talk Amaya out of doing any permanent damage to the team and informs her that it was probably a rogue time traveler who killed Rex. Amaya agrees to help the Legends find and defeat this time traveler.

An accident involving Ray testing Nate’s newfound steel abilities, both men are thrown off of the Waverider and into the time vortex, where they both eventually land in 17th century feudal Japan. Ray is captured by the local samurai warlord, Tokugawa, and is eventually rescued by Sara, Amaya, and Mick, but not before Tokugawa gains control of Ray’s A.T.O.M. suit. Nate, on the other hand, is rescued by Masako, Tokugawa’s fiancée.

The team finally meets up with Nate, who convinces the team to help Masako and her village defend themselves against Tokugawa’s samurai. The team agrees and they do eventually defeat the samurai, but are forced to completely destroy the A.T.O.M. suit in the process. This leaves Ray without any super abilities as he cannot rebuilt the suit without a substance called dwarf star.

Upon returning to the Waverider, Nate and Amaya are officially inducted as Legends. Stein and Jax also find Rip’s secret armory with a message from Barry Allen/The Flash from 2056 warning the Legends not to trust him*. The Legends then learn of a time pirate who crash-landed in the American Civil War.

When they arrive to retrieve the pirate they encounter Henry Scott, a Union spy sent to steal Confederate battle plans. The Legends also encounter Confederate zombies infected with a virus that the time pirate brought with him from the future. Henry Scott is killed during the team’s fight with the zombies and Jax agrees to take his place.

Mick is also infected with the zombie virus. He manages to escape and roam the Waverider in a zombified state before Ray and Martin finally find a cure for him. Sara and Nate go to warn Union General Grant about the zombies which eventually culminates in a daring plan to destroy said zombies using Nate’s newfound steel abilities. This plan succeeds and the zombies are defeated.

Meanwhile, Jax and Amaya attempt to fulfill Henry Scott’s mission and steal the Confederate plans from a plantation owner. Jax ends up angering the plantation owner and is locked up with the plantation’s slaves. Amaya manages to rescue him and the slaves, and they retrieve the plans, burning down the entire planation mansion as it is being attacked by more zombies.

Jax, who is still posing as Henry Scott, finally gives the Confederate plans to General Grant, successfully restoring time. Mick, grateful for Ray’s efforts to cure him from the zombie virus, gives him Leonard Snart/Captain Cold’s gun. He accepts and attempts to master the cold gun to little success.

On Team Villain, Eobard officially offers Damien Darhk an alliance in 1987, which he flatly refuses. Despite this, Legends are then drawn to 1987 by a time aberration Nate discovered concerning the INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) Treaty. Once there, they break into the White House to discover Damian has set himself up as a treaty negotiator.

Sara, still angry about the fact that Damian murders her sister in the future, attacks him, wreaking all sorts of havoc and forcing the Legends to retreat from the White House. They later discover that Damian is secretly making a deal with the KGB. They track him down, finding the KGB handing over a box to him as part of their end of the deal.

Confronting Damian once again but in a more clear-headed fashion, Sara secretly steals the box he had traded with the KGB and informs him of his own future. This future is mostly bleak where his master plan fails, his wife is murdered, and he himself dies. Eobard rescues Damian from Sara, leading her to the conclusion that the Legends are, in fact, dealing with a time-travelling Speedster. Damian finally agrees to form an alliance with Eobard. The Legends then discover that the box contained an amulet of unknown origin and use.

The Legends return to the Waverider to find the next aberration forms in 1874, where the Wild West officially seceded from the U.S. proper to form Turnbull Nation. They rescue Jonah Hex from a hanging and discover that the aberration centers around Quentin Turnbull, who discovered dwarf star far ahead of his time, the same material Ray’s A.T.O.M. suit requires. This empowers Turnbull to destroy a major U.S. railway and prevent the U.S. Army from getting any supplies into the West.

Jonah and Sara eventually take on Turnbull directly, allowing Mick and Amaya to destroy the dwarf star mine – but not before Ray gets enough of it to rebuild his A.T.O.M. suit – and Nate stops an entire train. Jonah takes the now-captured Turnbull to the authorities and parts way with the Legends once again. Ray does rebuild the A.T.O.M. suit, along with making a new super suit for Nate as well.  

After getting involved in the Arrow-Flash-Legends crossover that began with the arrival of the Dominators, an alien race bent on destroying metahumans in The Flash, the Legends travel with Felicity Smoak and Cisco Ramone to 1951 and the first Dominator invasion. The Legends captured a Dominator for information, but are captured themselves, along with the Dominator, and are placed in federal custody.

While in custody, they manage to learn about the Dominator’s fear of metahumans. Cisco and Felicity manage to rescue the Legends and they all rescue the Dominator from the feds, travelling back to 2016. In 2016, the Dominators are demanding Barry in exchange for a halt of their invasion; since Barry travelled back in time and created Flashpoint.

The Legends learn that the Dominators have fashioned a weapon to kill all the metahumans, but would also kill a significant portion of non-meta people. The entire Arrow-Flash-Legends team convinces Barry not to surrender himself and they take on the Dominators head-on with help of nanotechnology designed by Martin’s time-aberration daughter, Lily, who is the result of Martin interacting with the younger version of himself some time ago.

With the Dominators successfully beaten, the Legends continue their time-aberration hunting, beginning with Chicago, 1927 with the murder of Eliot Ness, the IRS agent who originally obtained the information that put infamous gangster Al Capone away for tax fraud. The team manages to save Ness, but he is injured in the process, forcing the team to obtain the information about Capone themselves.

This begins with a raid on Capone’s bar, which fails due to the fact that Capone is now working with Eobard and Damian. The Legends, of course, eventually realize this is a trap set by Eobard (who they have not identified yet) and Damian, who is now joined by Malcom Merlyn from 2016. Unfortunately, Sara and Martin are captured by Eobard anyway and he demands that they hand over the amulet Sara stole from Damian in 1987.

They of course refuse and Martin is tortured because of it. The rest of the Legends eventually rescue Sara and Martin and take them back to the ship. Unfortunately, “Martin” turns out to be Eobard in disguise, a fact Jax catches on to fairly quickly. Eobard searches the ship and is briefly stopped by Amaya. Sara, however, agrees to give Eobard the amulet in exchange for Martin’s life.

Although the timeline is restored and Al Capone is officially taken down for tax fraud, the so-called “Legion of Doom” – Eobard, Damian, and Malcom – have both the 1942 amulet that Eobard stole from the JSA and the 1987 amulet that Sara stole from Damian. When these two amulets are put together, they form a compass that can lead the bearer to the “Spear of Destiny”, which, infused with the blood and power of Christ, has the ability to rewrite the fabric of reality.

At this point, everyone begins seeking Rip Hunter who vanished so mysteriously after the Waverider’s collision with Damian’s atomic bomb. The Legends finally figure out what the amulet does and are informed by Gideon – the ship’s AI – that Rip not only possessed a piece of the Spear, but also took it with him when he vanished. They finally figure out that he ended up in 1967.

When they arrive in 1967, they discover a move-directing Rip who thinks his name is Philip, and has no memories of his past life, is working alongside a young George Lucas. Unfortunately, the amulet/compass also lead the Legion of Doom to Rip as well and a short battle ensues, frightening both Rip/Phil and George Lucas.

Rip is arrested by the police as both the Legion of Doom and Legends abandon him, but the Legends return to help spring him from jail. This plan actually goes well despite the Legion of Doom’s efforts, and the Legends manage to get Rip safely aboard the Waverider. Unfortunately, Ray and Nate begin to lose their abilities and knowledge due to a time aberration centered around George Lucas.

Since George was so scared by the Legion of Doom/Legends battle, he completely quits moviemaking and becomes an insurance salesman. This means that Both Star Wars and Indiana Jones are never made, meaning that young Ray is never inspired to get into science and young Nate is never inspired to learn about history.

In confronting George, Nate, Ray, and Amaya discover that he, in fact, had a piece of the Spear which was thrown out with a bunch of old props from the movie he and Rip/Phillip were working on. The Legion of Doom catches up to them before they can retrieve the Spear, however, and forces them to search the city dump for it.

Of course, they are largely at the mercies of the Legion of Doom due to the fact that neither Ray nor Nate have any sort of powers or exosuits. Inside the dump, the Legends finally manage to convince George Lucas to continue moviemaking, restoring Nate and Ray’s powers and allowing them to escape briefly.

The Legends then appear to have the upper hand and even manage to get hold of the amulet/compass and Rip’s piece of the Spear, but Rip is captured by Eobard. The team then regroups and attempts to determine a way to rescue Rip. Mick finally reveals to Martin that he has been having hallucinations of Leonard Snart who died saving everyone from the Time Masters. Martin tells Mick that he believes the hallucinations are simply an emotional reaction.

Now that the Legion of Doom has captured Rip and are missing the amulet/compass, they begin to torture him for information. This, of course, doesn’t work because he firmly and totally believes that he is just Philip, a hippie film student. Damian finally unearths some information regarding Rip’s former life in the form of an engraved tooth he yanked out of Rip/Philip’s mouth.

This tooth leads Damian and Malcom, at the condescending behest of Eobard who can’t seem to be bothered by his “less equal” compatriots, to Rip’s safety deposit box located in Switerland, 2025. Damian and Malcom attempt to access the box twice and, in that time, realize that they have to work together to demand an equal stake in the Legion of Doom from Eobard. They also finally make it into the bank vault and discover a record that contains Rip’s old memories.

The Legends, at this time, recruit Lily Stein to aid in their decoding of the amulet/compass. Lily succeeds in connecting the amulet to Gideon, but in the process discovers that she is a time aberration, forcing Martin to assure her that he loves her. The rest of the Legends also crack the code on why a Speedster would want to change reality: he doesn’t actually exist anymore. Martin, who was once captured by Eobard, then puts the pieces together and the Legends now have the identity of the founding member of the Legion of Doom.

Speaking of the Legion, Damian and Malcom finally capture Eobard in the Swiss bank vault and force him to tell them exactly why he keeps disappearing and leaving all the dirty work to them. He informs them of his whole does-not-actually-exist predicament and the fact that the zombified Hunter Zoloman/Zoom/Black Flash has been chasing after him in an attempt to restore the time and erase him from history.

Damian, Malcom, and Eobard all work together and manage to trap Zoom/Black Flash in the bank vault. They return to Rip and proceed to give him back his memories with some, well, alterations. Rip, now under the Legion of Doom’s spell, ends up travelling to Christmas Day, 1776 and murdering George Washington in cold blood.

The Legends, of course, begin to hunt down that aberration and head to Christmas Eve, 1776. Mick and Sara manage to save Washington briefly, but Sara is mortally wounded when Rip shoots her and Mick is captured along with Washington. The Waverider is also disabled by the Legion of Doom, preventing Gideon from healing Sara’s wounds and forcing Martin to perform surgery on her. Rip then boards it with a bunch of British troops armed with modern-day assault rifles.

Jax manages to keep Rip at bay using a variety of guerilla-warfare techniques while Ray attempts to restart the ship. Rip eventually corners Jax in the infirmary where he threatens the weakened Sara’s life in exchange for the piece of the Spear they have hidden. Jax, initially strong, eventually caves and tells Rip where the Spear fragment is located. Rip kills Sara anyway.

By this time, Ray found the restart switch for the Waverider and the power – plus Gideon – is brought back online. Jax, angry about Sara and not realizing that Gideon brought her back to life, chases after Rip and threatens to shoot him. Sara intercepts and Rip gets away, but, Jax is not a murderer.

While all of this is going on, Nate and Amaya get sidetracked and begin a romantic relationship which makes them very late to both the ship’s repowering and the George Washington-Mick Rory dream team takeover of their British captors. Washington is then free to lead his troops once again into battle, restoring the timeline, and allowing the Legends have a Christmas feast in the Waverider.

Rip then travels to Detroit in the year 3000, murders former JSA member Dr. Mid-Nite and takes his Spear fragment. The Legends follow afterwards and eventually learn that the next fragment is located in Medieval England or, to be more precise, 507 A.D. As it turns out, the fragment is smack-dab in the middle of King Arthur’s Court, which, to Nate’s chagrin, actually does exist.

Amaya eventually recognizes “Merlin” as Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl from the JSA. Courtney then informs her that Rip had originally helped the JSA in its final mission to acquire the Spear of Destiny. Rip then broke the Spear into four pieces, kept one piece for himself, and gave one to Mid-Nite, Stargirl, and Nate’s grandfather Henry Heywood/Commander Steel.

The Legion of Doom end up capturing Kind Arthur and manipulating him – utilizing mind-control devices taken from Mid-Nite’s lab – against Guinevere and the whole of Camelot, threatening to destroy, well, everything if they do not get the fragment of the Spear Courtney has hidden. This culminates into a head-on battle between Guinevere’s army and the Legion of Doom’s mind-controlled army with most of the Legends caught up in the middle, especially Ray who is reveling in dreams of being a knight.

Meanwhile, Amaya manages to successfully convince Courtney to give her the Spear fragment. Mick and Martin devise a way to overload the mind-control devices, releasing Arthur from the Legion of Doom’s spell. Ray ends up going off on his own after the battle is over, chasing down Damian Darhk who, at seeing the tides had turned, ran off to leave Rip to his own devices. Damian, of course, wins their confrontation, but Ray survives by wearing his A.T.O.M. suit under his armor.

The Legends now have the brainwashed Rip in their brig. Unfortunately, Rip still has Gideon’s loyalty and access codes. He manages to begin the ship’s self-destruct sequence, but the team stops it fairly quickly. Internal systems a wreck, the Waverider crashes in the Cretaceous Period – the same era that Ray had been time scattered to at the beginning of the series – and loses an important piece of technology. Ray, Nate, and Amaya venture outside the ship in order to retrieve the piece while the rest of the team deals with trying determine the location of the last piece of Spear from Rip.

Sara eventually decides to use a Time Master technique that allows other people dive into the mind of someone else. While Rip had a strong dislike of the technique, partially due to the inherent risks is brings to all of the parties involved, the Waverider still had the necessary technology to pull it off. Sara and Jax agree to step into Rip’s mind, where they are greeted by a Waverider filled with evil incarnations of themselves.

Sara manages to track down Rip, who is essentially being held prisoner in his own mind, and with the help of a humanized Gideon who Jax found, they escape to the bridge. Rip is then forced to confront the evil Legends of his own mind and defeats all of them. Sara and Jax escape from Rip’s mind and he awakens fully restored from the Legion of Doom’s brainwashing.

Back on the outside, Ray, Nate, and Amaya are forced to confront an angry mother T-Rex – named Gertrude – with a grudge against Ray, who once stole one of her eggs for food. The missing Waverider piece is, of course, smack dab in the Gertrude’s nest. Although the team briefly eludes Gertrude, they are cornered by her shortly afterwards. Amaya uses her abilities to communicate with animals to explain the situation to Gertrude and the team is allowed to leave uneaten.

The restored Rip informs the team that he does, in fact, know the location of Commander Steel/Henry Heywood and the final piece of the Spear. This leads to the Legend’s next stop: 1970 and the Apollo 13 launch. They meet up with Henry and he tells them that he hid the Spear fragment in the flag Apollo 11 planted on the moon.

Unfortunately, Eobard has disguised himself as one of Apollo 13’s crew and is heading directly for the Apollo 11 flag as well. Although Ray manages to stop him and retrieve the Spear fragment, the Waverider is damaged protecting Apollo 13 from a meteor shower. This strands both Ray and Eobard on the moon. They manage to return to the Waverider and the team makes it back to earth, but not without casualties.

Henry Heywood ends up sacrificing himself in order to save the Waverider and crew. This, of course, leaves Nate incredibly distraught, although he passes on a message to his teenaged father about Henry. Sara and Rip briefly argue over who is the proper captain of the ship, but this is resolved quickly. Amaya asks Gideon to reveal the future of her village and is then burdened by the knowledge of its destruction and her family’s future.

The Legends then steal the remaining Spear fragments by hunting down the location of the Legion of Doom, which happens to be the still defunct and half-destroyed Time Masters complex at the Vanishing Point. The operation goes smoothly and the Legends officially possess all four pieces of the Spear.

The fragments, desperate to become whole once again, fuse together. Mick attempts to destroy the Spear with his fire gun, but is for the most part unsuccessful. The heat from his gun, however, reveals an inscription on the Spear and Nate translates it as a way to destroy the Spear: with the blood of Christ which originally gave it power. Sara immediately decides to go to the Crucifixion, but is stopped by Rip, who informs her that the life and death of Christ is too significant in history to risk contaminating it.

This leads the Legends to another source of Christ’s blood, a myth regarding Sir Gawain, who supposedly possessed a vial of the blood of Christ. The source of this legend was a paper written by none other than J.R.R. Tolkien himself who, at the time the Legends need to reach him, was fighting at the Battle of the Somme, one of the deadliest in World War I.

The Legends recruit Tolkien to help them and he leads them to Gawain’s grave, where they are attacked by Damian and a pre-Legends Leonard Snart. As they are fleeing, Tolkien creates a map from the crest on Sir Gawain’s shield, which the Legends discover leads them to the burial site of the blood of Christ.

This site is, of course, smack-dab in the middle of no man’s land during one of the bloodiest battles in history. Rip manages to call for a temporary ceasefire for both sides, but are confronted by Damian and Leonard. Leonard manages to convince Mick – who was handed the intact Spear during the hunt for Christ’s blood – to join them, and he triggers the battle to begin all over as cover for the Legion of Doom’s escape.

Unfortunately, during the Legend’s escape from no man’s land, the vial containing the much-needed blood is destroyed, leaving them with no real way to destroy the Spear. Malcom regroups with the Legion of Doom after finding the Kalebros Manuscript, an “owner’s manual” for the Spear. He, Eobard, Damian, Leonard, and Mick all activate the Spear and completely rewrite reality to their own liking.

This new reality gives each of the Legion of Doom what they desired most; Eobard is not just the CEO of STAR Labs, but also has captured Zoom/Black Flash. Damian is the mayor of Star City and uses Sara and Amaya as his own personal hero-hit squad, Malcom’s family is brought back to life, and Leonard and Mick have control over Central City.

The rest of the Legends are relegated to other demeaning jobs and positions. Ray is the Janitor for STAR Labs, Jax is in charge of keeping Martin in line, Martin works for Eobard building some kind of something, and Nate is a long-haired conspiracy theorist living in his mother’s basement. Rip is cloistered inside the Waverider, madly baking elaborate cakes and drinking himself to oblivion.

Nate is the first one of the team to realize that something is wrong with reality. In an effort to fix this mess, he contacts Eobard – the smartest man on earth – but this, of course, ends in failure. Eobard commands Leonard and Mick to kill Nate. While Leonard is all for this plan, Mick eventually refuses, in part because he does not like how easy it is to rob a bank in the new reality, and knocks Leonard out cold, pun intended.

Mick and Nate then head to Ray, who they discover has created a device on impulse that can eliminate the so-called “reality scars” on their brains and restore them to pre-Spear mental faculties. Mick uses this on Nate and eventually Ray. Unfortunately, the Legion of Doom is beginning to see what is going wrong and Damian sends Sara and Amaya after Ray. While the Legends manage to restore Sara, Amaya gets away unrestored.

Sara deceives Damian – briefly – and manages to restore Amaya. Jax is also restored, leaving Martin as the last unrestored Legend. They also determine that the big project Martin has been working on is a massive reactor, capable of reaching temperatures far higher than that of the Sun. This is for the sole purpose of incinerating the Spear, which is indestructible up to the point where its individual molecules are torn apart.

Three distinct teams all gather together at the reactor: the Legends, minus Martin; Damian with Malcom, Leonard and Mick; and Eobard. Eobard threatens to toss the Spear into the reactor, but is quickly incapacitated. The Spear then hops from person to person as a major fight ensues. Eventually, Amaya gets the Spear. Sara encourages her to use it and restore reality to its proper form.

Amaya begins to utilize the Spear, but is completely frozen by Leonard and shattered into pieces. Eobard finally returns, along with his men, and tosses the Spear into the reactor, where it vaporizes, sealing this reality. The Legends then make a new plan to travel back to 1916 and preventing the Spear from every falling into the hands of the Legion of Doom in the first place.

To do this, however, they need the Waverider. Back on said ship, Gideon finally talks Rip into being useful again and restores the ship’s power. Unfortunately, there is a problem. In Eobard’s reality, the Waverider was miniaturized by the technology from Ray’s A.T.O.M. suit, relegating it to little more than a desk toy.

The Legends finally get in contact with miniature Rip and break into STAR Labs to retrieve Ray’s A.T.O.M. suit and bring the Waverider back to normal size. They then travel to 1916, despite the threat of collapsing time altogether if they interact with their past selves. Eobard, however, has predicted this move and arrives at the same time. He destroys the blood of Christ and kills Ray.

In the failure of an overly complicated plan to keep the future and past selves apart, the future Legends end up face to face with their past selves anyway, causing a timequake and a massive time storm that prevents the Waverider of the past from leaving. This means that the team has to face the Legion of Doom, minus Mick, on solid ground. A head-on battle begins, resulting in the deaths of everybody but Sara, who holds the Spear.

Sara, concerned that she would not be strong enough to use the Spear for selfless reasons, attempts anyway. She sees a vision of her sister Laurel, who assures Sara that she is strong enough to wield such power – if temporarily – for good. Back in reality, Eobard steals the Spear right out of Sara’s hands.

Eobard, certain he has won, uses the Spear to completely erase the Legends from history. Unfortunately, Sara made one slight change to reality, which was to remove the Spear’s powers, setting time to right. Zoom/Black Flash catches up to Eobard and stabs him, erasing Eobard from history as it was supposed to be. The future iterations of the Legends begin to disappear and the Waverider is able to leave once again.

The Legends return Damian, Malcom, and Leonard to the specific times that Eobard had recruited them from, erasing their memories of the Legion of Doom. Although Amaya initially wants to leave to fulfill her destiny, Nate convinces her to stay with him and the Legends for the time being. Rip, however, decides to disembark, feeling as though his work on the team is complete.

The Legends then head off to Aruba, a destination of Mick’s choice, only to crash-land in Los Angeles, 2017. This Los Angeles, however, is filled with both ancient dinosaurs and futuristic buildings, leading Sara to utter:

“Guys, I think we broke time.”

Overall Legends Season 2 makes for an excellent adventure. While the writing is not as tight as that of The Flash, it is still of the same quality as has come to be expected from Arrowverse shows. While the main focus of at least the initial episodes of Season 3 will be the Legends undoing the damage they caused to time, it will be interesting to determine whether or not that is the plot of the entire season.

The season finale left little indication of what exactly the major villain(s) may be and whether or not new enemies will be brought in or if they will use enemies already known in the Arrowverse. The Legion of Doom certainly made an excellent counterpoint to the Legends, but a villain or villainess on the level of The Flash’s Savitar – big, monstrous, and near-omnipotent, like time itself – could prove to be an interesting change of pace.

 *It is later revealed in the major Arrow-The Flash-Legends of Tomorrow crossover and later The Flash episodes that Barry sent this message because of his concern of what the results of Flashpoint had on the timeline and how it could affect the future. The part about Barry warning the team not to trust himself is because it is later revealed that the major villain in Flash Season 3 is a rogue time remnant of Barry.